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chard Fadd●en, who served ●as the head of th■e Canadian Security ●Intelligenc○e Service ●from 2009 to 2○013, alleged○ly suggest■ed that "Canada's● government should 〓ban Huawei○ from Canada's 5G n◆etworks to ◆protect th●e security of Canadi■ans."In respo●nse to the repor○ts, Hua said securit〓y issues should b■e based on facts. ■"If there is no evid〓ence, they'○d better stop■ delivering suc○h ridiculous speec■hes."Please scan

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?s second-larg○est smartphone sel●ler, a market resear●ch firm said.●China's Huawei ov◆ertakes App●le as wo

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